About SWCS Ontario

What SWCS Ontario is the local chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society. Being a member of the local chapter gives you all the benefits of being a SWCS member, but we try to support local initiatives to add more to your membership value. We have published many reports over the years, supported research and conservation studies, and very importantly, we give an annual Conservation Award to a student in Ontario.

About that award, it is called the  Arthur D. Latornell Award of Merit and it is awarded each fall to a university or college student. They may apply themselves or be nominated.

Who is on the SWCS Board of Directors

  • R. John Lackey – President
  • Chris Duke – Secretary and Treasurer
  • Raj Bejankiwar – Director
  • Bill Trenouth – Director
  • Jacqui Empson-Laport – Director (resigned)
  • Pam Joosse – past Director and President
  • Marsha Paley – past Director and President

Wanhong Yang is our SWCS rep on the Latornell Steering committee.